JIFFER creates software to revolutionize the recruitment industry.

Founded on experience

JIFFER is founded in June 2014 by Mark M. Bol Raap and Michiel Klijn. Having a vast experience in the recruitment industry, they’ve come to realize that the current business models aren’t sustainable. They decided to take recruiting to the next level.

Cutting-edge IT technology

We combine our founders’ experience with a highly skilled team of programmers and data scientists. Using cutting-edge IT technology, we incrementally automate recruitment processes, carefully deploying and evaluating each step in a well-established recruitment agency that shares our vision.

Our goal

Our innovations will lead to a platform where companies and jobseekers find eachother, without intermediates, their costs, and hidden interests. This will fundamentally disrupt the recruitment business models as they have existed unchanged for decades. Making commercial jobmatching obsolete.