JIFFER Platform

Our products combined evolve into an intelligent platform that will revolutionize the recruitment industry by making it fully transparent. It will find the best next step in your career.

Not another job board

JIFFER is not a job vacancy site nor a database with resumes of candidates. There is no search box for vacancies on the JIFFER platform. It’s not the next Monsterboard, Indeed, or LinkedIn. These existing platforms only host job vacancies published by companies, usually as a paid service. But the vast majority of all job openings is not filled through a published vacancy. They are filled internally, through colleagues, friends and family. The reality is: most vacancies can’t be found on the internet.

From search to proposals

JIFFER’s proposals are not limited to current published vacancies. It will propose a job profile as your next step. If you confirm this step is right for you, we will get you in contact with companies that have a vacancy that fits the job profile. Published or not.

You don’t go to JIFFER, it comes to you.

Your data is never sold

There is no search box for CVs. There are no resumes to be found, copied, abused or sold. Your personal information is merely the basis for finding your next career step. Companies are presented with candidates that JIFFER regards fitting for them.

Free of charge

In line with our vision of full transparency, the service which proposes your next career move is completely free. If there’s a company that we feel fits your next step, we will present it’s name to you. You are free to contact them directly, and they are free to contact you.

JIFFER offers additional services to make the process of shifting your career more efficient and successful. It’s your choice to appreciate and use them and pay for as you go. This also applies to companies who seek new employees.