Our Vision

We want to change the recruitment process and the way people find jobs by use of smart technology

The old business models

Job boards make their money by charging companies to place vacancies and by selling their freely obtained candidate profile data. They offer nothing but a paid keyword search engine, that will often not yield the best results. They have no interest in making a match, so they will not strive for quality match results.

Recruitment agencies make millions of dollars each year by matching candidates to vacancies. They know it takes more than a keyword search or comparing resumes to job descriptions. But in order to retain their share they need to prevent the parties involved from finding each other directly. They flood the job boards with anonymized vacancies, they make many unsolicited offers to both companies and candidates, shifting from quality to quantity more and more. A placement is more important to them then truly making the best match.

These decades old business models – job boards and recruiters alike – revolve around intransparency.

A fully transparent job market

JIFFER believes eliminating commercial job matching will serve you best. We aim for full job market transparency by creating software solutions that will ultimately form an intelligent platform, where companies and candidates find each other without the costs and hidden interests imposed by intermediates and job boards.

Spending money should be a choice for those who need help to improve, distinguish, accelerate or just make job search a bit more easy. That’s a model that we believe will fit the future, and it is the revolution we will accomplish.