Data Scientist

U’r triggered; u know something is wrong, things aren’t adding up anymore when it comes to the recruitment industry, them pushing resumes and trading people. Stop this and join the revolt. BE! the revolution.

The One

We are seeking Data Scientist to join the Career Revolution  in the Dutch ICT City of Zoetermeer.

Work in a multi-disciplined team where you’ll take full ownership of turning discoveries and ideas into machine learning models. You’ll use the model’s output to create and improve products for our customers, preferably in short development cycles.
Research & Development on how to improve our Predictive Analysis Cycles, by using our vast amount of data.
Actively contribute to taking Data Science at JIFFER to the next level.

You would demonstrate a willingness to continually learn and upgrade your skills and knowledge as the business environment and technology evolve. You would be working alongside other software developers and data scientists in a team using evolved SCRUM methodology.

About the team

As a Data Scientist you’ll work side by side with Developers, Designers and Product Owners, and take full ownership of your work – from the initial idea-generation phase to the implementation of the final product on our website. Our ideal candidate is result-focused, innovative and has solid quantitative background and a good business understanding.

Essentials Data Scientist

The following skills are required for this role:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar role
  • Masters, PhD, or equivalent experience in a quantitative field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)
  • Experience with at least one scripting language, e.g. R, Octave, and one programming language, e.g. Python, /C++
  • Experience implementing a real-world Recommender or Ranking system
  • Worked with the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Knowledge of SQL and relational databases
  • Respectfully challenging solutions
  • Bringing new ideas to the team

Desirables Software Developer:

  • Scikit Learn
  • Dutch or excellent English communication skills; the ability to convey your message to team members and other stakeholders
  • Prior experience with a few of the following models: Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Support Vector Machines, (Deep) Neural Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Conditional Random Fields and/or Latent Dirichlet Allocation

U’r the One?

You will know how to apply. We don’t have to tell you. Do we?!