JIFFER started in June 2014 and has been progressively developing software to create a revolution in the labor market.


We are in a unique proposition as we deploy, evaluate and tune our products through a renowned recruitment company, operating since 2003. Together we have assembled a vast database of enriched company and candidate profiles, spanning 25 years of jobs and career moves.

We know how recruiters think and work. We know where and why hiring and job hunting fails. We foresee prevailing recruitment systems and business models do not fit the labor market of the future.

Revolutionairy platform

With this combination of extensive recruitment business knowledge, available data, our technical expertise and the ever growing pace of achievements in data science and artificial intelligence we are off to effectively automate recruitment processes.

All of these aspects are vital for building a successful platform.

Business revenues

As a result we were able to boost sales revenues for this company by 95% in 2015 and we forecast the same growth in 2016.

Funding of JIFFER is provided by its founders, launch partner and co-workers. OPEX add up to €201.000,- while H-CAPEX grows to €290.000,- by the end of 2016. At that time almost half a million euro will be invested.

In 2015 the Dutch Government granted JIFFER a subsidy for its R&D activities, and it is expected to be extended in 2016.